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Intentions, Gratitude and Celebration!

For me, these three words are connected. When I set my intention for the day it helps me to stay focused. At the end of the day, I practice gratitude for what I accomplished and celebrate my daily wins! I will be honest and say that I don’t do this every day, but on the days I do I find my energy and productivity are higher than on the days that I don’t.

Setting an intention can be the driving force behind leaders reaching their goals. An intention is a state of mind rather than an action. For example, on days when I know I have a lot of things on my plate and deadlines are looming, I will set my intention to be gentle with myself. This helps me to overcome my perfectionist mindset, while focusing my energy on what I am able to accomplish rather than beating myself up for not doing as much as I thought I should do.

I also have days where my intention is to relax. I have work I love, and often find myself focused on my goals 24/7, but this is not good for my creativity or my mental health. Slowing down and not working can be a challenge for me. I read for relaxation, and have to make myself read fiction so that I don’t get pages into the book and make notes to start a new project. I have also learned that I cannot listen to non-fiction while driving or I do the same thing – try to take notes while driving – not a good combination!

I find that gratitude needs to be authentic. There are so many things that touch my life:

  • People who call just the moment I need them
  • Ideas that pop into my head to solve a problem
  • Having time to step outside during the day and enjoy my surroundings
  • Being part of teams that support one another
  • Family and friends who love me as I am

You get the gist. Some people practice gratitude to start and end their day. I find that some days I practice gratitude all day long, and on others ending the day with gratitude closes out the day on a positive note.

What are you grateful for? It can be as simple as having a safe space to work or live, having an amazing meal with friends, or taking a walk in the park. Gratitude is personal, but when you write it down it gives it more power. I would challenge you to start a gratitude journal so that you can go back to days when things are not going as well as you had hoped for. You will find energy from revisiting past experiences.

Think about what your daily wins might be. A win could be speaking up in a meeting when you are usually silent. It might be learning a new process or software platform. It might be finding time to listen to a colleague. It might be managing your energy levels throughout the day so you aren’t completely drained at the end of the day.  

Remember to celebrate your daily wins by:

  • Sharing your celebrations with your co-workers, friends, and family.
  •  Adding your daily wins to your gratitude journal.

We are amazing people, and we need to celebrate who we are and what we do more than we do!

If you would like support in setting intentions, having an attitude of gratitude, or celebrating wins, let me know – jillian@wisewomenleadership.com