Leadership Training

leadership training

Working alone can sap the energy out of a leader, and being part of Wise Women Leadership offers entrepreneurs and leaders a space to recharge and refocus your energies through physical or virtual spaces.

The purpose of leadership training is to uncover topical themes around our Business GPS: Growth, Planning and Self-care:

Growth – Seldom do leaders have all the knowledge and skills needed for growth and development of their business. Entrepreneurs need to be specialists, administrators and visionaries, or be able to create a team skilled people who work together to grow and develop their business. Join us as we identify our strengths and limitations, and then learn how to highlight strengths and support limitations.

Planning – Without a plan it is difficult to accomplish anything personal or professional. A strategic plan helps entrepreneurs and leaders look at all the things they could be doing and focus on what they do well. Strategic planning takes into consideration the business, the customers, and the competitors in order to guide the use of resources for optimal results. Come and explore how you can develop or improve strategic planning for your business.

Self-care – Most leaders take care of everyone around them before taking care of their own physical, emotional, and mental needs. Self-care is about managing stress, establishing boundaries, and creating a plan to enhance your health and well being. Together, we will learn specific activities and practices to improve physical, emotional, and mental health.

WWL-Butterfly-logo-2If you are looking to upgrade your leadership growth, strategic planning and self-care practices, contact Jillian at jillian@wisewomenleadership.