Leadership Coaching

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Coaching is about grounding people to their own internal strengths, and applying emotional and intellectual intelligence to improve personal and professional performance.

Leadership coaching is vital regardless of the size or type of organization:

Large organizations – Many managers are promoted to leadership positions based on proven technical knowledge and experience often without regard to leadership skill level. Leadership coaching provides support for newly promoted managers and offers a variety of tools to give them the resources they need to be successful in their new position as a leader. 

Smaller organizations  – The owner may have begun the business with technical knowledge and experience, and find that leadership skills necessary for growth and sustainability are a fundamental necessity. Leadership coaching supports the small business owners by providing an assessment and accountability tools to help keep them continue as engaged and enlightened leaders.  

Leadership Coaching can be conducted in-person, by phone, or use video conference software to provide entrepreneurs and leaders with mechanisms to address specific challenges. Coaching provides a valuable space for personal and professional development, and can be used as a one-time event or conducted as a series of sessions over a specific period of time.

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