Speed of Light

Speed of Light

After facing challenges last year and surgery in January, I am finally getting back to things I started last year. As I looked back at my Blog Posts, I had to smile when I realized that the last one focused on self-care. Self-care has held me together through many challenges. If you have a foundation of self-care practices, then you will automatically have habits or rituals in place when faced with difficult situations (stressors). Changes in technology and the 24/7 world around us make it essential that we are prepared to face whatever stress impacts our daily lives. Stress can be physical, psychological, emotional, or environmental, and our bodies will either react or be trained to act in a specific way to the stress. For example, sitting too long at work puts stress on the body, and the stress can be lessened by getting up and moving. One way to train your body is to set a timer – either on your computer, phone or fitness device. In order to live and work at the new speed of light, we need to make sure that we are taking care of these amazing bodies that we have the responsibility to maintain.

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